Integrated Management System – SGI

What is SGI and what would the benefits be to our clients?

Its main purpose is to support the processes management and company procedures in order to ensure the reliability and quality of services and products delivered by EPC CONSTRUCTION.

Based in international standardization rules, SGI safeguards our clients and other parties involved, ensuring excellence in services, physical integrity and concern for the health of employees and community, in addition to preserving the environment.




SGI includes ISO 9001 Quality Standards, ISO 14001 Environment and OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety at Work.

The Quality Management System defines the mission, principles and values ​​of the company to ensure constant improvement of processes in order to overcome, with excellence, the client and market demands.


The Department of Machinery and Equipment (DME) in EPCCon works as an independent company responsible for gear management used in works.

How it works: Since its selection, acquisition to its corrective and preventive maintenance, not to mention the disposal of units when needed.

Benefits: it ensures compliance with all the demands and requests of the operational area of ​​all our projects.


The investment in equipment updating and preventive maintenance is one of the traits that differentiates EPCCon and is the reason of the quality and high performance in its works.

The focus on renewing equipment has important results in costs and quality. EPCCon keeps itself updated regarding the development of new technologies in Brazil and on global market